Women Work! Pay Them Fairly!

Capitol Hill Equal Pay Day Rally

US Capitol Building West Lawn (front lawn)

1:30 p.m. – 2:20 p.m.

April 24, 2007

Equal Pay Day is observed in April to indicate how far into each year a woman must work to earn as much as a man earned in the previous year. In 2007, April 24th symbolizes the day when women’s wages catch up to men’s wages from the previous year. Because women on average earn less, they must work longer for the same pay. For women of color, the wage gap is greater.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) brought the rally to a triumphant conclusion with the words. Equal pay is fair for women, good for families and right for America!


Legislators leading the fight for wage equity in the House and the Senate were featured speakers at the rally. (l. to r.) Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) and Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) joined Women Work! President and CEO Jill Miller at the podium.

Women Work! organized an Equal Pay Day Rally to demand Congressional support for women’s wage equity in 2007.

The rally was motivating for all who attended.

Evelyn Murphy, founder of the WAGE project also spoke at the rally.

Perkins Career and Technical Education Act: Implementation Center

After years of effort, the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act was signed into law by President Bush on August 12, 2006. The law takes several positive steps to ensure that women in transition have greater access to the career and technical education system.

Read Women Works!’s Advocate’s Guide to Perkins IV

Policy Resources

Perkins Implementation Action Kit

Perkins III Data Tables
Inform your Perkins advocacy with statistics on displaced homemakers and single parents in career and technical education programs in your State.


4 Good Reasons for Starting a Business

Starting a Business

While statistically it seems that it is mostly males who start up their own business, this doesn’t have to preclude an woman from doing so. In fact, women may have more reasons to start up their own business and often, more skills. For instance, few men would want to be a beauty consultant, create beautiful nails or apply make-up for a living, but if you have those skills you can easily branch out on your own.

Setting up your own business is not that hard when you put your mind to it. It does not need to be a national retail store. You can start off small and you may even be happy to stay that way, so long as you are making a living.  Here are 4 good reasons for starting your own business.

  • You have marketable skills, but there is no one in town to hire you. This means that you have found a niche in the market that will likely make you successful if you start up your own business. That said, marketable is the keyword. If you know how to make wagon wheels starting up such a business is not likely to bring in many customers. But if you know how to make other women look fabulous or feel wonderful, then go for it.


State Affiliate Activities

IN – Indiana Women Work! has seen extensive growth since affiliating. In addition to their annual Women & Work conference this year, INWW will be awarding a small scholarship to a woman going back to school.

NE – Nebraska Women Work! is a newer affiliate that has cultivated a committed core of members. They are very proud of their recent accomplishments, including media coverage and the creation of a survey to assess the barriers NE women face in the workforce.

MD – Maryland Women Work! sponsored a conference early this year called “Opportunities for Change in Ocean City ”. They host an annual legislative day where service participants learn about their valuable role in civic matters and meet with delegates from around the state.


Public Policy and Advocacy at Women Work!

  • NEW! Women Work! introduces the 2009 Public Policy Agenda! The Public Policy Agenda sets priorities for legislative and advocacy work in the Women Work! national office and in the field. In 2009, Women Work! will fight for policies that bolster the economic security of women and their families.
  • Learn more about women’s economic justice issues.
  • Follow the status of key public policies that affect women’s employment and educational equity. Visit our Policy Tracker
  • Subscribe to Action Works! and add your voice to the nation’s largest network of advocates demanding economic justice and equality for women.

Policy Tracker

Use the Women Work! Policy Tracker to follow developments in federal legislation that affects women entering, re-entering, and advancing in the workplace.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) 
The nation’s workforce investment system, WIA is long overdue for reauthorization. Women Work! advocates for reforms in WIA to increase women’s access to training for high-skill, high-wage, and nontraditional careers.

Pay Equity Legislation
The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act are critical to women’s workplace equity and economic security.

Higher Education Act (HEA)
The 2008 reauthorization of the Higher Education Act contains provisions that will aid nontraditional students in obtaining higher education.


Teaching Tools & Curricula

Women Work!’s teaching tools and curricula are available FREE to organizational members. Resources listed in this section can be downloaded from the Members Only section of this website. Select resources are also available in hard copy or on CD. To order resources complete the order form and mail or fax it to Women Work!. A processing fee of $5 will be charged for each CD ordered.

Work Your Image!

Leader’s Guide – Item # 11

Participant’s Guide – Item # 12

Personal Worksheet – Item # 13

Personal Tip Sheet (English) – Item # 14

Personal Tip Sheet (Spanish) – Item # 15

Family Guide Tip Sheet – Item # 16

Creating a Professional Image to Get and Keep a Job®


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Special Projects

Workforce Development that Works For Women
Women Work! is collecting best practices for serving women in economic transition. Selected best practices will be featured in a publication to be issued by Women Work! in September 2008 and widely disseminated to policymakers and the workforce development community.

Recruiting for the Information Technology Age (RITA)
RITA is a multifaceted initiative to increase the number of women in the information technology sector.

iWorks! A Curriculum for the 21st Century Worker
The iWorks! curriculum, aimed at promoting information literacy for job seekers, is currently being piloted by five Women Work! member programs.

Women Work! Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) Education Campaign
The IDA Education Campaign includes both information about IDAs themselves and information about the recently completed teleconference series regarding these important tools for women’s economic self-sufficiency.

Women Work! State Affiliates

Women Work! State Affiliates are organized groups of members working together to improve the status of women in their states. Together, Women Work! members advance positive social and economic change. In the past year we have seen some incredible work from our states including a published survey documenting barriers faced by women in Nebraska, a legislative lobby day in Maryland and the approval of a joint resolution in the Illinois State Legislature that created a displaced homemaker task force.

State Affiliate Links:

Interested in organizing an affiliate in your state?

Women Work! looks forward to organizing affiliate networks in all 50 states! Our national staff will lend their expertise in helping to create a thriving state level network to further women’s economic security in your state! Contact Sarah Rose-Jensen, Membership and Field Services Manager, to find out more!

Public Policy Priorities 2009

As the nation works its way out of an economic crisis, public policies become all the more important for steering us toward recovery and growth. Policies that strengthen the American workforce, encourage innovation, and support struggling families are an investment that we must make in our future. Given women’s vital role in the workforce, their economic security figures prominently into the economic success of our country and must be supported. In 2009,
Women Work! will fight for policies that bolster the economic security of women and their families.

Economic Recovery That Includes Women

A broad economic recovery effort is needed to end the ongoing recession, but it must benefit all Americans. Women are a vital part of today’s economy, and in many cases are the sole providers for their families. Federally-funded economic recovery projects present a unique opportunity to end women’s near-exclusion from high-paying, traditionally “male” fields – a condition that contributes to women’s disproportionately high levels of poverty – by ensuring women’s access to jobs created in these fields. To achieve this, strong enforcement of nondiscrimination laws and the advancement of other gender equity provisions are needed.

60 percent of working
women earn 
half or more of their families’ incomes.
– U.S. Census Bureau

Another essential component of economic recovery is Unemployment Insurance modernization, which Congress should fund to help states expand coverage to low-wage and part-time workers – most of whom are women. Federal aid should also be used to bolster safety net programs that provide vital services to disadvantaged populations, including female-headed families. Dollars spent on Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF), nutrition and energy assistance, and child care, to name a few examples, will support women at work and be quickly channeled back into the economy.


Trainings in the Field

Consider bringing Women Work!’s field team to your next conference, regional meeting or event to conduct a training. To set up a training contact Sarah Rose-Jensen at (202) 467-6346 or at [email protected] Women Work! staff can present on any of the following topics:

Women Work! The Power of a Network – An overview of Women Work!’s history, activities and membership categories.

Joining the Network – Technical Assistance on State Affiliation

Creating and Living your Vision and Mission – A facilitated process for revisiting or creating a truly representative vision and mission


Economic Equity Insider

Keep up-to-date with the Economic Equity Insider, the Women Work! legislative update on women’s workforce development issues, vocational education, federal financial aid, welfare policy and related issues, which is published weekly when Congress is in session. To receive the Insiderjoin Women Work! now.

Members, sign in now and go to Download Free Publications to view the current Economic Equity Insider.

Read Past Issues


March 10, 2009

  • Reminder: Make Your Advocacy Day Appointments!
  • Paycheck Fairness Act Gaining Cosponsors in Senate
  • While Congress Attempts to Finish FY 2009 Appropriations, Obama Releases Blueprint for FY 2010 Budget
  • Family-Friendly Policies Take Center Stage at House Hearing


Advocacy Toolkit

The Women Work! Advocacy Toolkit is designed to give you all the skills you need to be a successful advocate for women’s economic justice and equality.

The Advocacy Toolkit is benefit available only to Women Work! members. Each installment will be released first through the Economic Equity Insider and and will be available to download through the members only section of the web site.

  • Women Work! Advocacy Toolkit:Cover
  • Women Work! Advocacy Toolkit: Table of Contents
  • Women Work! Advocacy Toolkit: How to Use This Guide
  • Section #1: Hosting Elected Officials At Your Program
  • Section #2: Federal Legislative 101
  • Section #3: Meeting with Your Legislators
  • Section #4: Engaging Clients in Advocacy
  • Section #5: Creating an Advocacy Action Calendar
  • Section#6: Using Data/Telling Stories
  • Section #7: Budget and Appropriations 101
  • Section #8: Managing the Media
  • Section #9: Building Relationships With Your Legislator
  • Download the entire Tool Kit here


Advertising in We Work! Magazine

Reach the nation’s largest network of women’s education and job training programs by advertising in We Work! magazine. Our broad and diverse constituency includes members, donors and other supporters that have made an investment in the goals of Women Work!

For an overview of the magazine, click here.

For ad rates or more information, contact Development Manager, Tamika Hodnett-Johnston via email or phone at (202) 467-6346.

Reports and Data

Chutes and Ladders: The Search for Solid Ground for Women in the Workforce

Women Work!’s critical Census study has found that single mothers and displaced homemakers are not a disappearing phenomenon in the United States. In fact, these family groups are on the increase and likely to be vastly over-represented in the nation’s low-paying service jobs. Read more and download the full report…

State Displaced Homemaker Legislation Update

More than ever, state support for displaced homemakers is critical to the needs of this population and the programs that help them reach economic self-sufficiency. Women Work! monitors changes in the legislation and support for program servicing displaced homemakers and produces a legislative update. Read more and find links to state legislation…


Join The Fight For Women’s Economic Security!

Women Work! members include individual supporters of economic equality for women, organizations that assist women to enter, re-enter, and advance in the workforce, and state networks (link to state affiliates) that advocate for women’s economic self-sufficiency.

When you join Women Work! you become a part of the nation’s largest network advocating for the economic security of women through education, training and career advancement. Women Work members also receive benefits such as policy updates, action alerts, and publications for the latest information on the fight for women’s economic justice and security.

Whether you are a large company, a small non-profit, or an individual committed to social equality Women Work! has a membership to fit your needs.

Corporate Programmatic Supporters

Women Work! depends on our corporate partners for a variety of programmatic support in areas such as Workforce Development, Financial Education and Asset Building, Career Information and Advancement, Education, Capacity Building, Policy and Advocacy, Affiliate and Member Services, and Leadership Development.

Workforce Development

Bank of America
Biogen Idec
Continental Airlines
The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association
Fannie Mae Foundation

Corporate Board of Advisors

Women Work! is proud to acknowledge corporations that have committed to the women’s training and support organizations by investing in Women Work!’s strategic growth.

The following corporations serve on Women Work!’s Corporate Board of Advisors (CBA), which is designed to advance new initiatives and partnerships with the private sector. The CBA is an exclusive group of mostly Fortune 100 and 500 corporations who assist the organization in implementing institutional development strategies; initiating programs and activities focusing on community, education and business development; and creating strategies to promote women’s employment advancement.

WOMEN WORK! CORPORATE BOARD OF ADVISORS  (List current as of June 2007)


Innovative Ways to Give

Join our Empowerment Circle!

Women Work!’s Empowerment Circle is a group whose common bond is a commitment to protecting women’s economic security. By joining, your gift of $100 or more supports our mission.

Happy Birthday

Throw yourself a birthday party, and in lieu of gifts, ask your guests to make a contribution to Women Work! This innovative manner of giving opens our doors to new donors and opens the doors wider for some of our current donors.

Group Gifts

Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” This inspirational quote encompasses the spirit of the group gift, a unique way for small group of people to have the large philanthropic impact on Women Work! By giving as a unit, whether as a book club, a doctor’s office staff, a professional association, or as a special group of friends, you can collectively choose to make a gift to an organization that gives a voice to your group’s values.


Traditional Ways to Give

Individual Gift

Individual donors are the lifeline of Women Work! Your contribution, regardless of size, makes our work possible. Cash, check, or credit card are the most direct and immediate ways to support Women Work!

Stock/Securities Gift

By contributing appreciated securities that have been held for more than one year, you receive a tax deduction equal to the stock’s full fair market value while avoiding capital gains taxes on the appreciated portion of the stock. Often times, donating stock and securities allows for making a larger gift than might otherwise be possible.

Make a Pledge

Pledges or promises of support can be made in any amount and may be paid through a single contribution or in multiple payments-monthly, quarterly or multiyear. Annual pledge payments are due at the end of each fiscal year (June 30).


Starting a Business


Many women opt to start their own business, rather than paying the extra cost of purchasing one that is a going concern. They may have special skills and training that mean they can set up as a sole trader to save on the costs of employing staff. Many women who have training as accountant, hairdresser, beauty consultant, or in some other field can even set up in their home to save costs until they get an established clientele.

The need for registration

If you decide to go this route, there are several steps to take that make your business a legal entity and one is registration.  This can be done easily enough online and all you have to do is answer some questions on an online form. Once the registration goes through you are given an Australian Business Number (ABN) that you can then use on all your brochures and advertising, not to mention invoices. This ensures a professional look and feel for your business. It is also a legal requirement, needed for your tax returns.


Advertising on Women Work! Career Center

Advertise online at the Women Work! Career Center and reach the thousands of women browsing for jobs regularly. Powered by Career Builder, the Women Work! Career Center gives users access to 1.3 million job listings as well as advice on balancing work and life.

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Corporate Partners Program

Women Work! invites corporations of all sizes to join in our mission to empower current and future generations of American women. Women Work! provides a range of benefits for supporting our critical work. For more information on the Corporate Partners Program, click here or contact Tamika Hodnett-Johnston, Development Manager by email or phone at (202) 467-6346.

We encourage women business owners to become Women Work! partners as well. You understand the challenges women face and the dedication it takes to achieve in the American economy. We welcome your involvement in our organization through the Women’s Business Owners Council, an elite group of women business owners.

Women Work! Corporate Partners


Committed Giving

Supporting Women Work! through a regularly scheduled gift is also known as committed giving. Examples include:

Electronic Transfer

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Women Work! Underwriters make a 3 year commitment to support the cost of the organization’s most basic operations at $5000/year. Please contact our Individual Gifts Manager for more information at (202) 467-6346.

Women Work! Ask The Expert

Back to School 
by Jan Cannon

More Education Needed?

Once you’ve chosen a new career direction, decide if you need more education. This might be a six-week adult-ed class in database management or a new degree in early childhood development.

For full story click here

Q&A with Dr. Richie

I am not happy in my current job, and it’s creating stress in other areas of my life. I think I need a career change, but I have come to be dependent on my salary and am nervous that a job doing something more interesting won’t pay as well. And, I’m unsure about what kind of a job I even want. How do I sort this all out? Sincerely, Ruth

Click here to see Dr. Richie’s answer

Displaced Homemaker Legislation

Women Work!’s 2002 State Displaced Homemaker Legislation Update

This update contains important information about state displaced homemaker legislation, such as amount of funds appropriated; source of revenue and distribution of funds to SP/DH programs; allowable services; administration of legislation; and contacts in each state for further information.

Download our State DH Legislation Update (pdf, 53kb)

DH Legislation Online

State support for displaced homemaker funding is more important than ever as a means to advocate resources for programs to address the unique needs and to provide services for displaced homemakers. Women Work! understands the necessity and the value this support means at the state level and we continue to monitor information about legislation across the states.


News & Happenings

Tip Sheets more Accessible

Women Work!’s Work, Money & Life Tip Sheets are now more accessible! View all 43 tip sheets on the Women Work! web site without taking the time to download pdf versions. Slower dial up internet connections will no longer stand in the way of your clients as they seek out practical information on getting an education, finances, finding a job, worker’s rights and work & life balance.

Print versions of Women Work! tip sheets are also still available. Simply view the tip sheet and click the “download print version” to download and print a pdf.



Please email all calendar submissions to [email protected] Include city, state, date, event information and who to contact for more details.

March 2009

  • March 12
    Women in Science event at Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls SD  
    This Women in Science event  will have 400 girls participating in all day hands on presentations.  The presenters will be women who work in various scientific occupational areas.
  • March 17-18
    Career Expo at Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls SDOver 1,200 sophomores from area schools will visit the campus for career exploration activities. Students will attend break-out session in areas of their interests (as tested and determined at their home schools) to listen to professionals in the designated field talk about, demonstrate and offer hands-on activities of their profession.



ATM: Stands for Automated Teller Machines, which enable consumers to make deposits and withdrawals from their savings and checking accounts electronically 24 hours a day.

Budget: Also known as a spending plan, it is a plan for spending and saving money that balances household income and expenses.

Balance: The amount of money on deposit in a bank account or outstanding on a loan or credit card.

Bank: A profit-making financial institution where customers can access a variety of services such as checking and savings accounts, credit cards, safe deposit boxes, and loans.

Bank statements: A document that indicates the beginning and ending balance of an account and transactions that have taken place during the statement period.

Bankruptcy: The process of petitioning a court to discharge one’s debts. There are two types of personal bankruptcy: Chapter 7 (liquidation of assets) and Chapter 13 (debt repayment plan).


Chutes & Ladders: The Search for Solid Ground for Women in the Workforce

Comments by Jill Miller, Women Work! President/CEO

Thank you Sandra, and to Congresswoman Solis, a great leader and role model for women across America, and to the entire Congressional Women’s Caucus for hosting us here today.

I had hoped I would stand here today with good news, but unfortunately, I have the disappointing task of reporting that the number of single mothers and displaced homemakers is no better than it was ten years ago. What we have uncovered in today’s report is the dramatic increase in the combined number of single mothers and displaced homemakers – up from 15 million in 1994 to 20.9 million in 2003 an increase overall of 39%.

When looking at these two groups together, every state in the nation had an increase during the past decade.

Child Tax Credit

What is the Child Tax Credit?
The Child Tax Credit (CTC) is a federal tax credit for workers raising dependent children. This credit is worth up to $1,000 per “qualifying” dependent child under age 17 in 2006, and can be claimed on a worker’s federal tax return. Even some families that earned too little to owe income tax can get the credit. Eligible families will receive all or part of their CTC in the form of a refund check from the IRS. The Child Tax Credit is different than the Child and Dependent Care CreditYou may qualify for both.

The Child Tax Credit can give a worker back some or all of the income tax taken out of his or her paychecks during the year, as well as some additional income tax still owed at the end of the year. Generally, a family’s credit is equal to the total amount of their income tax for the year, up to a maximum of $1,000 per dependent child in 2006.


Women Work! Hall of Fame

Women Work! is a network of amazing individuals, dedicated to helping women achieve economic self-sufficiency. The Women Work! Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made substantial contributions to the mission of Women Work! and to women in transition.

Gilda Nardone

Gilda has directed efforts for displaced homemakers programming in Maine since its inception 25 years ago. In 1978 Gilda was hired to work part time with a budget of $10,000 to provide services to displaced homemakers. Today, the Maine Centers for Women, Work and Community are located in 18 communities, with 34 full-time staff and a budget of $1.6 million. The lives of 20,000 women have been changed through the training and support services provided by the Maine Centers.


Gilda applied her leadership and organizational development skills at the national level serving nine years on the Women Work! Governing Board. During her tenure as President, Gilda guided the organization through a comprehensive process that culminated in the changing of the name to Women Work! Her participatory style of leadership and deep respect for and trust in the process ensured a positive outcome and support for the organization’s growth.


Resources for Individuals and Women in Transition

Work, Money & Life Tip Sheets:
Practical information to help you in all areas – financial aid, credit card debt, child support, starting a business, plus much more! Recently updated and expanded. To access them for free, click here.

2005 Tax Credits for Individuals and Parents:
Learn how you can get money back at tax time — even if you didn’t owe any taxes!
Find out more…

Work Your Image!:
Advice for competing in today’s job market! Download a free copy of the Work Your Image! Tip Sheet and the new Family Guide Tip Sheet, “How to Talk with Your Kids About the Importance of Appearance on the Job”. This new resource provides valuable suggestions for talking with young people who are entering the workforce for after-school jobs, internships, summer jobs or full-time employment.

Tools for the Informed Service Provider or Trainer

Get the tools to move women into IT!Getting IT Across! A Counselor’s Guide for Recruiting Women to Information Technology Careers (GITA) provides program operators with right tools and instruction to recruit women into IT training and employment. This easy-to-use resource turns counselors into IT career experts! Get the IT Basics every counselor needs to know:

  • IT Tips to enhance counseling skills;
  • IT Job Profiles to help clients make informed decisions;
  • IT Interest Assessment, a user-friendly tool for finding the right occupational niche;
  • and more IT resources!

Get the right skills, and get IT across!

Regular price  $59.95              Discounted for members (20% off)  $47.96

Jobs That Pay! A Guide to Nontraditional Occupations for the 21st Century. This guide will help education, training and workforce development program providers educate and motivate women to pursue a career in a broad range of high-wage fields. Jobs That Pay! will help you introduce nontraditional fields to your clients and encourage women to pursue a career with real growth opportunities. And, the job profiles section is a valuable resource to have on-hand for your program participants.

The guide includes:

  • 70 job profiles and descriptions of emerging nontraditional occupations;
  • Information on how to advocate and market nontraditional training to clients, as well as state and local decision-makers; and
  • An overview of federal funding opportunities and other resources for nontraditional training programs.

Regular price  $49.95             Discounted for members (20% off)  $39.96

Curricula and Resources for Building Stronger Programs

On the Rights Track

A Job-Readiness and Workplace Rights CurriculumThis easy-to-use curriculum provides a job-readiness approach to teaching communication, assertiveness, conflict resolution and decision-making skills — the “soft skills” experts say can improve a person’s ability to find and maintain a job.On the Rights Track is broken into four, two-hour workshops with fact sheets, tip sheets, exercises and role-playing activities using work situations to reinforce both the job-readiness skills and workplace rights information being taught. Whether you use the curriculum in its entirety or incorporate separate elements into your current training, you are adding a valuable component to other job readiness training participants receive in your programs.Regular price $104.95                       Discounted for members (20% off) $83.95

Superstores, Schools and Sewers
A Job-Readiness Approach to Understanding
the Economy’s Affect on Self-Sufficiency
Superstores, Schools and Sewers can be used effectively in combination with job training and career education programs. This innovative curriculum is especially relevant to women entering the workforce or seeking to improve their earning power through training, education and skills development. Economic decisions made in your community have a direct impact on the availability and quality of jobs, the availability of education and training needed to get better-paying jobs, and the availability of basic needs such as housing, transportation and child care.

This hands-on curriculum empowers participants to take a stronger role in their own job development by showing the connection between their economic independence and changes in the local economy.At the same time, Superstores, Schools and Sewers, uses an accessible, no-nonsense approach to teaching basic analysis, goal-setting and effective meeting skills, which are also important employment skills.

The manual includes complete lecture notes and valuable teaching aids and exercises that allow this curriculum to be used in a number of ways and with a wide variety of audiences.

Regular price  $94.95                       Discounted for members (20% off) $75.95

RESOURCES: Expanding Your Expertise
Domestic Violence, Employment &
Domestic violence is one of the most serious barriers women face when trying to become economically self-sufficient. Don’t waste time wading through the mountains of information that has been written about domestic violence.This installment of Expanding Your Expertise is unique because it gives you the information you need — how to handle the issues of domestic violence victims who participate in your employment and training program.Price $14.95
Discounted for members (20% off)  $11.95
Substance Abuse, Job Training and Self-SufficiencySubstance abuse remains one of the primary reasons women drop out of education and training programs. Substance Abuse, Job Training and Self-Sufficiency, the second installment of Expanding Your Expertise, gives you solid tips and resources for helping your program staff become more adept at identifying substance abuse problems and handling them more effectively.

Price $14.95
Discounted for members (20% off)  $11.95

Transitions & Triumphs NewsletterTransitions & Triumphs, the quarterly newsletter designed specifically for women in transition, is filled with practical, every day information. It features articles on money, career and health issues, as well as regular spotlights on emerging occupations. Every issue highlights an inspiring story of a woman who has beaten the odds and achieved economic self-sufficiency. Save now on low bulk prices!

2 – 250 copies     25 cents each
251-500 copies   22 cents each
501+ copies        20 cents each

Resource Tip Sheet PackageMake sure your program participants have the information you know they need. Each in an easy-to-understand, handy format, the Women Work! Tip Sheet Package comes complete with valuable tip sheets that deal with issues your program participants face daily. Some of the issues covered include finding financial aid; conquering credit card debt; job interviewing; defending yourself against sexual harassment; assessing whether self-employment is for you; and more.

With your own camera-ready set, you’ll be able to use these tip sheets over and over! They make wonderful handouts for your workshops or to have available in common areas.

Price $24.95
Discounted for members (20% off)  $19.95

Women Work! now offers a 15% savings on special packages of publications. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to build your resource library — at a price you can afford! And, Women Work! members receive an additional 20% off this price for a total savings of 35%. Order today and save!
Curricula PackageThese fully integrated, step-by-step curricula give you everything you need to enhance your job-readiness program. With exercises and workplace situational role-plays that reflect the world you know, these curricula make it all easy and fun! Buy them as a package and save up to $80! And, as an added bonus, when you order the curriculum package, we will send you a Set of our Work Your Image! guides – one Leader’s Guide, 20 Participant’s Guides and 40 Personal Worksheets.You get:

  • On the Rights Track: An Empowerment and Workforce Rights Curriculum
  • Superstores, Schools and Sewers: A Curriculum for Understanding How Your Local Economy Works
  • BONUS with package: Work Your Image! Creating a Professional Appearance to Get and Keep a Job

Individually priced $199.90
Discounted Package Price (15% off)   $169.95             Member Discount Package (35% off) $135.95

Expanding Your Expertise: Tools for Building Your Program You get:

  • Domestic Violence, Employment and Self-Sufficiency
  • Substance Abuse, Job Training and Self-Sufficiency
  • Women Work! Resource Tip Sheet Package
  • BONUS with package: Expanding Your Expertise storage holder to protect your installments

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National Directory of Women’s Education & Training Programs

Women Work! makes its Program Directory available online to assist individual women in identifying programs and services in their local communities. We recommend that you contact each program in your area directly to learn more about their requirements for participation, the types of training they provide and the types of services available.

The directory is also a valuable resource to business and industry employers seeking to identify qualified and skilled individuals or programs with whom they could develop partnerships to meet their workforce needs. Employers who are interested in discussing partnership opportunities with Women Work! and programs in our Network should contact us at (202) 467-6346 or by email.

We periodically update the directory. If you are aware of more current information on a program or would like to have your program listed, please contact our Membership & Field Services Department at (202) 467-6346 or e-mail us at [email protected]

The Program Directory is organized by state. Please choose a state below, and the programs available in that state will be displayed to you.

Work, Money & Life Tip Sheets for Women

Women Work! tip sheets offer practical information for your life. The tip sheets are available below for free download.

You can request up to 3 free tip sheets to be mailed to you.

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Join Women Work! and receive a set of all available tip sheets, in addition to all of the other benefits included in a Women Work! membership. For more information and to join, visit our membership page.

Accessing the Tip Sheets

Below are links to our series of tip sheets. You will need Acrobat Reader on your computer to access these files because they are Adobe Acrobat files (pdf). Acrobat Reader is a free software. If your computer does not already have it, you can download the most recent version from the Adobe site.

Click on the tip sheet name below to access that resource.


From A Kitchen Table To Congress

Women Work!’s History

In the early 70s, as the divorce rate soared, many women found themselves “fired” from their jobs as homemakers. In 1975, Laurie Shields, a 55-year-old widow unable to find work after 15 years as a full-time homemaker and mother, contacted Tish Sommers, who she heard was “doing something for older women.”

Tish, then 57 and divorced after 23 years, called herself a “freelance agitator.” She said to Laurie, “DON’T AGONIZE, ORGANIZE!”

And organize they did, joining forces with Milo Smith, the first director of the Jobs for Older Women Action Project in Oakland, California, and with Barbara Dudley, a public interest attorney. Together they drafted the first displaced homemaker legislation, introduced in 1975 in California and later in Congress by former Representative Yvonne Burke.


Advice for Women Job Seekers: Appearance Matters

In New Poll, Americans Say a Woman’s Appearance
Affects Whether She is Taken Seriously on the Job,
Considered for Raises & Promotions

In this graduation season, Americans have advice for the millions of women job-seekers who are graduating from high school, college and job training programs: A professional appearance will help you get and keep a job, and win responsibilities, raises and promotions. A new poll finds that nearly seven in ten Americans (69 percent) – and more than eight in ten women – say clothing, hair and makeup are very or extremely important for a woman on the job, and for her confidence. Large majorities say that a woman’s appearance affects whether she is taken seriously, asked to represent her company at outside meetings, and considered for raises and promotions.
The poll was conducted by Yankelovich Partners, Inc., for Work Your Image!, a joint program of Women Work! The National Network for Women’s Employment and the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA). Work Your Image! is designed to help displaced homemakers, single parents, welfare recipients and other women in transition create a professional appearance to get and keep a job.