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Women have made great strides toward economic equity over the last several decades. For many women and their families, however, the challenge of achieving economic self-sufficiency remains an uphill battle. Although the majority of families rely on women’s wages to make ends meet, women continue to earn less than men and are nearly twice as likely to be poor as men.

To advance economic opportunities for women and their families, Women Work! strives to promote women’s entry into higher-paying work and help workers balance work and family.

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Women and Poverty

Nearly 15 million adult women in the United States live in poverty.

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Education and Training

Education and training is a proven strategy for increasing women’s incomes and helping families achieve economic self-sufficiency.

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The Gender Wage Gap

Full-time working women are paid only 77 cents for every dollar full-time working men are paid.

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Occupational Segregation

Women have made few gains in entering male–dominated, blue–collar jobs—despite the fact that these careers are often vehicles to economic self–sufficiency.

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Women Re-entering the Workforce

Women who take time out to care for family members face significant barriers when re-entering the workforce; many return to less skilled, lower paid positions than those they left.

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Barriers to Women’s Employment coming soon!