Making Money Work!

This six-session, hands-on financial education program was designed especially for women who are facing some of life’s toughest difficulties, and struggling to gain a foothold in a world where stability and financial security seem like distant dreams.

The goal of the Making Money Work! financial education program is to help participants achieve financial stability and effectively manage a limited earned income by providing subject matter information, motivational participatory learning activities, and access to resources. The program introduces participants to basic financial concepts, such as goal setting, determining needs versus wants, developing a spending plan, managing a checking account, and the wise use of credit.

Making Money Work! Online Facilitator’s Guide

Everything instructors need to lead this important life skill program is available to download online. This includes everything you see here: instructions for using the guide, suggestions for facilitation, worksheets and evaluations, glossary of terms, and detailed instructions and activities for facilitating the six class sessions of the Making Money Work! program.

You may download each session and supporting materials separately from this web site, or download the entire guide as a single PDF, including all worksheets, activities and instructions. (Note: depending on your computer and Internet connection, this may take more than five minutes to download to your computer)

Making Money Work! Participant’s Guide

Each Making Money Work! participant requires a workbook that corresponds to the six class sessions of the program. Facilitators can order hard copies of the Participant’s Guide free of charge. To order the free guides, facilitator’s must be Women Work! members.

If you are a Women Work! member, contact us directly at 202-467-6346 to receive your free copies of the Participant’s Guides. If you are not a Women Work! member, JOIN NOW to receive your free guides and other resources.

This information is meant to provide general financial information; it is not meant to substitute for, or to supercede, professional or legal advice.

Note: The content areas in this material are believed to be current as of this printing, but, over time, legislative and regulatory changes, as well as new developments, may date this material