About Women Work


A nation where all women have employment equity and economic security throughout their lives


To advance economic justice and equality for women


Women Work! members include individual supporters of economic equality for women, organizations that assist women to enter, re-enter and advance in the workforce, and state networks that advocate for women’s economic self-sufficiency.

Since 1978, the Network has assisted more than 10 million women to successfully enter, re-enter and advance in the workforce. Through supporting, advocating and advancing women’s economic self-sufficiency, Women Work! members strengthen families and communities.

Women Work!:

  • Advocates for policies that increase education and training opportunities, ensure economic security and provide employment support for women;
  • Educates policymakers and the public about the status of women in the workforce;
  • Develops resources, services and trainings to help women enter, re-enter and advance in the workforce;
  • Organizes state networks and projects to advance women’s economic self-sufficiency; and
  • Partners with other national organizations, advocacy groups and corporations that support women’s economic security.

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