About Women Work

What is Women Work!?

Women Work! The National Network for Women’s Employment is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that advances economic justice and equality for women.

It is the nation’s largest network of education and job training programs for women. Since 1978, Women Work! member organizations have assisted more than 10 million women to successfully enter, re-enter and advance in the workforce.

What problems does Women Work! address?

Too many women in the United States are living paycheck to paycheck.

One out of every 14 working women and one out of every five working single mothers is poor. Though they are working extraordinarily hard to build a better life for themselves, these women live on the brink, one unexpected misfortune—a sick child, a broken-down car or a leaky roof—away from total disaster. The majority are working in low-paying jobs without benefits and with few prospects for advancement. Without real job skills, they have little hope of attaining economic security for their families.

What does Women Work! do?

Women Work! invests in America’s future through training and supporting women.

Women Work! is recognized as a national leader in the effort to shape public policies and employer practices that support women’s entry, re-entry and advancement in the workforce. We take a holistic approach to helping women gain economic security for themselves and their families. The network provides the education and job training women need to launch their careers, as well as the support services that enable women to complete training and succeed at work.

Each year, the Women Work! network helps 300,000 women take control of their lives and gain skills necessary for a successful future—in addition to teaching jobs skills, the network teaches life skills including financial literacy, time management, problem solving, teamwork, effective communications, goal setting, presenting a professional appearance and conflict resolution.

The Women Work! national office develops cutting-edge resources and forms unique partnerships to enhance the job training and education being provided throughout the network.

Why should I support Women Work!?

Women Work! expands opportunities for women to succeed in occupations which offer family-supporting wages, good benefits, job stability and prospects for advancement.

Women Work! creates public awareness of the workplace inequalities women continue to face, and the ways these inequalities hurt American families and communities.

By supporting education and job training programs for women, you are supporting a proven strategy for helping women leave poverty, gain stability and move towards a better life.

Who joins Women Work!?

If you care about women’s education and employment needs and rights, Women Work! is for you. Women Work! fights for issues that matter to your economic future, but we can’t do it without you. By joining Women Work! you increase the power of your voice by adding it to thousands of other women’s voices advocating for women’s economic justice.

Why should I join Women Work!?

You’ll receive action alerts and weekly legislative updates, keeping you up-to-date on debates in Washington, DC that have a profound effect on your life and the lives of the women you care about.

Women Work! creates public awareness of workplace inequalities you combat everyday, and the ways these inequalities hurt families in your community.

Women Work! members’ voices gain strength in numbers—the network is a leader in national efforts to shape public policies that support women’s entry, re-entry and advancement in the workforce.

You’ll gain access to a catalog full of benefits, We Work! quarterly magazine, reports and advocacy resources all available for FREE!