Women Work!shops April 25

Find out what Women Work! can do for you during two sessions of Women Work!shops. Women Work! staff and members will give you an overview of the resources, teaching tools, curricula and training the organization has to offer. You will leave each session with new tools and suggestions for how to use them in your work and life. Topics include:

Domestic Violence Survivors and the Legal System
Presenter: Rebecca Henry
Women Work! and the American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence recently partnered to produce Finding a Lawyer, a tip sheet which helps survivors of domestic violence understand the basics about finding and working with a lawyer. In this session you will learn more about recent research which sites access to legal services and improved economic status as the top two factors affecting declines in intimate partner violence. You’ll also learn more about the ways you can help your clients navigate the legal system.

Introduction to the Women Work! Career Center
Presenter: TBA
August 2006 marked the launch of the Women Work! Career Center, a website of tips, resources and tools for any woman looking to enter or advance in the workforce. In this session you’ll learn to use the Career Center to conduct a job search for the first time and to be more effective in the job you already have.

Using Work Your Image!
Presenter: Kim Rhim
Helping job seekers create a professional appearance not only helps them get and keep a job, it also makes them feel more confident in themselves. That’s why Women Work! and the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association created Work Your Image!, a curriculum that provides women valuable information and suggestions for looking their most professional. Women Work! members who have used Work Your Image! with clients will share success stories, lessons learned and suggestions for ways you can effectively use this free resource in your own organization.

New Member Orientation
Presenter: Myia Welsh
You asked for a new member orientation and we delivered! Both new and old members will discover the true value of their membership from this overview of what Women Work! has to offer. Learn how you can maximize your membership while getting to know other, enthusiastic new members. Women Work! staff will welcome you to the network and answer all your membership questions.

Training Opportunities from Women Work! 
Presenter: Samantha Yarbrough
You knew that Women Work! is recognized as a national leader in the effort to shape public policies and employer practices that support women’s entry, re-entry and advancement in the workforce. But did you know that Women Work! also provides trainings to develop the capacity of organizations and networks that share our mission of advancing economic justice and equality for women? Learn about the wide array of trainings Women Work! could provide at your next conference, regional meeting or event.

Using Making Money Work! 
Presenters: Libby Lester
More than 60% of Women Work! organizational members report that a lack of financial literacy is frequently a barrier for women entering the workforce. Make sure your clients have the information and resources they need to manage their money with confidence! In this session Women Work! members who have implemented Making Money Work! will provide helpful tips and suggestions for using this curriculum effectively.

Using the Women Work! Career Center with Clients
Presenter: Carol Piscitelli
The Women Work! Career Center is a FREE tool you can use to help your clients navigate a path to rewarding, lucrative careers, which enable them to support themselves and their families. Learn how Women Work! member organization, the YWCA of Darien-Norwalk, has incorporated the Career Center into its empowerment program for women returning to the workforce and get suggestions for using the Career Center with your own clients.

Managing the Media
Presenter: Lily Davidson
As an advocate for women’s economic justice and equality, one of the best means you have for getting your ideas and issues to the public is through skilled use of the media. The media can assist you with all of your organizational goals, whether they are advocacy, fundraising, development, membership development, public education or marketing your services. In this session you’ll be introduced to an array of tools that Women Work! can provide to help you effectively Manage the Media.

Implementing the RITA Project
Presenters: Bonnie Withrow, Diane Norton and Erin Currier
Women are entering the workforce in growing numbers, but remain underrepresented in many high-growth, high-wage fields. Women Work!’s Recruiting for the Information Technology Age (RITA) is an exciting project that increases the number of women in lucrative, stable information technology jobs. In this session, Women Work! members who have conducted RITA will share tips for recruiting women into non-traditional careers. Come learn how you can work with Women Work! to create a RITA project at your organization.