Mature Age Education Options for Women

Mature Age Education Options for Women

Most women agree that education opens more doors to a career that is satisfying and well-paid than anything else. To train for any career you need to go through high school and then do further training. But these days not everyone has to complete their year 12 certificate. If they have aptitude for certain other skills such as mechanics, they can go to TAFE and do an apprenticeship while they are still as school. This gives them a good In while they are still young enough to get by on an apprentice’s wages – for instance, they usually still live at home and they are not married.

However, many young people so hate school that they don’t do as well as they could and so their score is not high enough for university entrance. But once they get past all the hassle of being a teenager, they often settle down in a job they don’t like and start to wish they had done more while they were at school.

Some teenagers take a long time to come to this stage of their life. In fact, there are many middle age women that have raised their families and now desire to get back into the workplace, but don’t have the experience or the qualifications. What can these people do to get a better life?

Go to TAFE

There are many different options for mature age education and you don’t have to be over 50 to get into them. Anyone of any age can attend a course at TAFE and they can do enough work to get into University this way so they can train for their dream career. Or they can do a different type of course altogether. This is often a popular option as when the lessons are something you are passionate about it doesn’t seem like ‘learning’.

Learn online

Online courses are now offered from TAFE, universities and private companies that can give you enough information to start up your own business doing something you love. This could be as simple and wide-ranging as making jewellery at home, starting a market garden or even business administration.

Online courses are popular because you can fit them in around your other work or interests. Stay at home mums can study after the kids are in bed, or while the baby naps. You can even manage a part time job and an online course at the same time.

Do correspondence

Correspondence courses are similar, only they don’t depend on having the Internet connected. Rather, you get the course information by post and send it back for correction as you do it. The only problem is in waiting for the replies to come. Still, if you are determined to better your life this will only be a minor irritation.