Fencing Business

How to Get More Work for Your Fencing Business

Most types of fencing are a one-off purchase because fences last a long time if maintained properly. A report out this month by highly experienced fencing experts says that if you’re a fencing contractor, you won’t have many repeat clients. So how can you get more work? Of course, you’ll need to advertise; that is a given in any business. But there is another way to get more work: expanding your skills and offering different types of fencing.

For instance, many fencing businesses focus on one type of fence, whether it is picket fences, steel panels, or swimming pool fences. But if you offer a good variety of railings, you’ll surely get more work. And if you have a creative flair, you can put it to good use, such as erecting fancy fences for high-end homes. That will undoubtedly be great for your business.

As a person who erects fences, you’ll be aware of the many kinds of fences there. Some are made from concrete or a mixture of other materials, works of art meant to set off the home behind them and provide security. You can quickly expand into this sub-genre of the fence if you develop the skills for concreting.

Once you become a competent concrete, you can offer to do footpaths and driveways for your fencing clients, especially if other work is slack.

Brick fences are popular, so if you develop the skills for bricklaying, you can add the people who want a brick fence to your client base.

There are also many different types of fencing apart from the boundary fence. Internal fencing structures are often used for privacy, shade or protection from the wind. These beautiful features usually come with timber, concrete time, ber or other fancy materials.

Stonework is another skill that can be significantly used in erecting fancy fences. There are many beautiful stone fences online and around the city or suburbs. If you have the talents of a stonemason – or a bricklayer – you may be able to get work constructing stone walls for garden features.

Fence maintenance is another genre you can get into when you have such a business. At the very least, picket fences need to be painted regularly. Learning to paint is not difficult, and you could easily pick up extra work for people who don’t have the time, ability, or inclination to do their own.

Expanding your offerings like this can bring in a lot of extra work in the area you prefer to work in, close by, so you don’t have the cost of travelling to jobs that are too far away.