Gardening Business

3 Ways in Which Gardening Can Become a Business

According to Landscapers Network listed expert gardeners Lone Pine Landscapes many people enjoy gardening as a hobby and almost everyone who owns a house has some kind of garden in their backyard. This means there is always a good demand for plants and other things that are used in gardening such as tools, seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, decorative pots and other hardware.

It follows that there can be many businesses in this area. If you love gardening and want to own your own business, this could be a good niche for you to consider. Here are 3 different types of businesses to do with gardens and plants for the home.

  1. A nursery. This is an outlet where people go to purchase their garden plants and other needs. The nursery needs to be located reasonably close to where people are, but have plenty of parking close by so customers can easily load their goods into their vehicle. You will purchase the plants you need from plant wholesalers and you will also have other suppliers for the many garden related products your nursery will stock. These may be tools, potting mix, pots, water features and garden ornaments of all kinds.

Some people make a success of adding a coffee shop of some kind to their nursery. Others add on small pets such as rabbits or guinea pigs. Try and find something different that is not already being done in your area to offer your customers.

  1. A plant wholesaler. This is all about growing plants in large numbers from seeds or cuttings to send to various nurseries. The location should be out of town where you can have greenhouses or at least covered areas to protect the seedlings as they grow. The large quantities you grow will need plenty of room, so you’ll need a much larger area than a nursery. You may want to offer bulk soil supplies or other things such as pavers, that nurseries may need.
  2. If those two business models don’t appeal, you can always go into business doing gardening for other people. This will usually include mowing lawns, but this is not such a big job in residential areas, since many lawns are quite small. You can simply weed,  prune and plant what the client purchases, or you can create new gardens or design them for others to create, so there is a good variety of choice. In fact, it would be a great way to start up a landscape business without spending too much or having to get a loan. Once you get a reputation for dependability and good work, you’ll be sure to have plenty of clients who will ask if you can do other small jobs such as building a gazebo, retaining wall or fence, so there are plenty of ways to expand.