Cosmetic Dentistry

4 Dental Procedures That are Considered Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry such as those procedures carried out by clinics such as Candlewood Dental Centre is for the most part any dental procedure that improves the look of the teeth rather than their function. However, in some cases non- cosmetic procedures must be done first, for it to be successful. For instance, if you have a cracked tooth, you may need to have work done on it before you can have a cap or veneer over it to improve the look.

Here are some dental procedures that are classed as cosmetic –

  • Teeth whitening – which only improves the look of the teeth, and is not anything to do with their functioning. You can eat just as well with stained teeth as with white ones.
  • Composite bonding – which improves the look of uneven teeth, teeth that have gaps or teeth that are smaller than they should be. Note that this procedure doesn’t correct the teeth; it only covers them up so they look better.
  • Inlays or onlays which are created in a dental lab to cover an area where a filling has been needed. Traditional dentistry would fill the cavity after treatment, while cosmetic dentistry improves the look of it with an onlay – something over the top that is not totally essential.

  • Dental implants are also considered cosmetic, however, there will also have been traditional dentistry – tooth extraction – practiced before it, unless the tooth was knocked out and couldn’t be saved. It is cosmetic because having an implant done restores the look of the mouth and is much nicer than seeing a gap there, especially in the front teeth.

Strangely enough, braces are not considered to be cosmetic, even though they do improve the look of your teeth. These days having crooked teeth fixed is considered essential to ensure they function properly. Crooked teeth make it hard to chew and they are difficult to clean, so will likely get decayed quickly. Having braces prevents this so it improves the function of the teeth.  That it also improves your looks is an additional benefit, but not the main reason for doing it.

Many other traditional dental procedures also improve the look of the teeth, even though they are not classed as cosmetic. Even having decays fixed and filled will improve the look of the teeth, but it is not done for that reason. It is done to preserve the tooth and prevent more pain or gum disease.

Sometimes, a traditional dentist will do certain cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening or even fitting overlays. However, cosmetic dentists are more fully trained to do what is needed. That said, the two may work in conjunction with each other where both types of dentistry are required.  In some cases, both are found in the same dental clinic, which certainly helps the patient as they don’t have to go and find another dentist.