Different Types of Addiction

Different Types of Addiction

Much is heard in the media about the addiction of young people to drugs such as ice. If you have any addiction, then drug rehabilitation services is the best way to get free of it, otherwise you will find your health, relationships and even your life are in danger.  However, there are many more addictions than that of being addicted to drugs such as ice, marihuana, cocaine and so on, as bad as they are.

In fact, Sivana Bali, a highly experienced drug rehab says that these days statistics show that addiction to alcohol is one of the worst problems, with more people being addicted to it than to the above drugs. One of the reasons for this might be that it takes longer to become addicted while drinking alcohol and even being drunk, is so socially accepted in today’s society.

It even seems to be a rite of passage for a young person to have alcohol and get drunk as soon as they turn 18. From then on they will usually have some kind of alcohol every day. This does not necessarily mean that they become addicted to it. But often they are actually addicted even though they don’t believe so. They tell themselves that they could easily stop if they wanted to, but they never want to, so they don’t try.

Alcohol dulls their emotional pain and makes them feel relaxed, sometimes it makes them feel happy, but not all drunks are happy drunks. Many more become very aggressive and lose their self control. They don’t care about all the silly or criminal things they do while they are drunk. It is only after they sober up that they feel remorse – in some cases. As their alcoholism progresses they cannot even remember what they did.

People who are addicted to alcohol need help just as much as other drug addicts. They too, can go to drug rehab to ‘dry out’ and even get counselling for their habit. Unfortunately, even if they stay off alcohol in the future, they are never truly cured. They will have to fight against the desire to take a drink for the rest of their lives.

As time goes on this struggle may not be a difficult one, but they are wise to stay away from places where alcohol is served or where people offer them a social drink.

So what are other forms of addiction?

Not all of these addictions will damage your body, but most will certainly damage your relationships and/or finances. That is why it’s a good idea to have treatment as soon as you realise there is a problem and you really can’t stop doing it, even though you want to and may go for some weeks or months without it.