Birds and Butterflies

If you are even moderately interested in nature, visiting the birds and butterflies in Bali will give you hours of delight. According to Easy Bali Villas once you tear yourself away from one of the many relaxing villas on offer, head on over to The Bali Bird and Reptile park to see those exotic and colourful birds and the not so colourful but still interesting reptiles.

Bali Bird and Reptile park

In fact, there are almost one thousand beautiful birds not only from Indonesia, but from around the world in this park.

If you didn’t want to spend a whole day here, it is a really nice place to stop at on your way to or from a day tour, or if you are going to Ubud or other central regions – maybe you want to see the silversmith or goldsmith villages of Mas and Celuk. If you are in Denpasar the capital you can reach it by taking the main Singapadu road. The Bali Zoo is only 5ks away, so you could combine the two.

There are food and snack kiosks in the park and a photo shop that will transfer your photo to a T-shirt, a terrific way to remember your visit. Right next door you will be able to visit all the reptiles from a komodo dragon through to snakes, lizards, frogs and turtles.

Butterfly park

Don’t forget to include the beautiful Butterfly Park in Tabanan – since butterflies feed off nectar there are many hectares of beautiful and intricate gardens which are worth seeing even if there were no butterflies. Having the two together makes it doubly beautiful with 15 species of exotic butterflies from Indonesia.

Bali Safari and Marine Park

From the beauty of birds and butterflies you are sure to be interested in the Bali Safari and Marine Park. Deserving of a full day out, there are 40 hectares and 60 species of animals to admire and enjoy. You can watch an elephant show, cuddle orang-utans and see sharks in the aquarium. It’s too far to walk; the safari bus will take you around to all the good spots where you will see the legendary white tigers as well as lions, zebras, hippos, black bucks, blue wildebeests and more.

You will also be able to visit Ranthambore, a replica of an Indian fort where tigers roam, and the Elephant Village which houses retired working elephants – you will also see komodo dragons there. There are plenty of photo opportunities and free attraction in this park so don’t forget to bring you camera. It can be very hot so drink plenty of liquids to make sure you stay hydrated.

When you’ve finished, cool off in the water and amusement parks opposite – or keep them for another time so you can stay there for a whole day. The kids are sure to want to linger.