Shopping and Travel Tips for Bali

When you go to Bali on holiday it is highly likely that you will want to check out the shops because it is always fun to take at least a few things home from your holiday. Likewise, you can’t get around Bali without some form of transport, so here are some tips for both these essential holiday pursuits.

  • If you stay in one of the many Bali villas that are available for accommodation, a car service may be available. You can have the car and driver for 8 hours and it will only cost you around 60 NZD. When you think of the places you can go and things you can see in this time, it’s a bargain, especially if you go shopping. The driver stays with the car and so all the stuff you purchase will be safe there, instead of you having to carry it around. Book the driver yourself instead of through the villa to ensure he gets all the money.
  • Getting a taxi in Bali can be cheaper than you think. The price of fuel is so much cheaper than in Australia you’ll be amazed. This makes the fares cheaper – at least most of the time. For instance, an hour’s travel by taxi is only the equivalent of 12 NZD even though 100K RPH sounds like a lot more. However, you stand to be ripped off if you are not careful. Find a metered taxi and ask the driver to use it, or settle on a price before you get in. And don’t pay extra for the luggage or another person. Be sure to have notes of small denomination as taxi drivers don’t usually give change.

  • To ease your time and discomfort waiting at the airport for departure, spend about 125RPH or around 16 NZD to get into the Garuda Executive Lounge where you can have free food and drinks and free Wi-fi. While it is found at Gate 7 – past the Prada lounge – this is likely to change when the new airport is functional.
  • When you arrive at Bali airport there are many things you have to line up for. The thing to remember is not to let anyone take your luggage. Get wheeled luggage that is easy to handle and keep it in your own hands, otherwise it will cost you plenty. Even to have someone lift it into the boot of a taxi is going to cost you more.
  • Haggling is necessary if you don’t want to be charged twice the price for everything you do and buy. Generally speaking, offer them half of what they say is the price and expect to pay somewhat more than that. It will still be much cheaper than the original offer.