Property and Financial Settlements after Divorce

Property and Financial Settlements after Divorce

When a relationship breaks down irretrievably it leads to separation for 12 months and then divorce. No matter who you are, if you want a divorce you have to separate for 12 months first, but in fact, you can still live in the same house. Whether this happens or not, it is wise to seek fair and equitable distribution of property and finances after the divorce, through a family law firm such as Accelerate Family Law.

Divorce is stressful – sometimes it is even traumatic. This often causes a woman to agree to almost anything so long as she never has to see or speak to her ex again. If you are feeling like this it is wise to seek professional counselling and support from trusted friends. It is not wise to agree to anything when it comes to division of assets. If your ex is bitter, he is sure to try and con you out of your fair share and you may not even know it – or care, until later on when you’ve had time to recover emotionally.

By then it will be too late to claim what is rightfully yours, or if you try, it will again be stressful and you’ll need to go through the court. But when you think of it, most divorces end with the woman having custody and care of the children, especially if they are little. That means your living costs will be a lot higher than your ex’s. If you’ve walked out of the relationship with next to nothing, this will make things very difficult for you.

Separation and divorce is never an easy time, even though you can apply online for divorce these days. Many women don’t, simply because they don’t have computer skills, a computer, or the money to pay – or perhaps the ability to pay online. All this adds to the stress. It is better to seek help from a family lawyer even if you have to borrow money to pay them.

They will be able to see the situation much more clearly than you and without all that emotion clouding their judgement. That is what they are for and they do a good job of it. They will see to it that you get what is rightfully your fair share so that your future and that of your children will be a little easier financially. After all, the children bear his name, so he has the responsibility to provide for them.

These days most men do divide the assets more or less fairly. If your ex doesn’t and you cannot agree on what is fair, then the matter must go to court and a judge will decide. This may take longer, but it is worth the wait to ensure your future path is a little smoother.