Health Checks are Essential for Every Woman

Why Health Checks are Essential for Every Woman

Even though many men are so laid back when it comes to seeing the doctor, so that they often die of some disease they didn’t know was raging through their body, it is actually women who can be at risk of getting more health problems. This is because since they are the ones to bear children, women have more organs that can become diseased.

No man can get cancer of the uterus or have an ectopic pregnancy, after all. But whether this is true or not, all women should have regular health checks for one other important reason. They do tend to keep ignoring signs and symptoms because they are so busy with their families and think it is just tiredness.

Women work longer hours

How many women come home from work, throw the shopping on the table and start to prepare tea, do the laundry and clean the house, all while overseeing the children’s homework and refereeing their quarrels? And how many men come home from work, sit on the lounge and doze off while watching television and waiting for dinner? Or maybe they play computer games instead. So women actually work much longer hours than most men, even if their work is not always as physically demanding.

Health checks are essential for everyone, but women seem to be the ones that hold the family together. If you get some killer disease, what will your family do? You may catch yourself thinking that at least hubby would have to do some housework, but in actual fact, it wouldn’t get done. Not if he has spent years never doing it. He wouldn’t know how. Some men don’t even know where the meat compartment in the refrigerator is.

Disease tends to sneak up

In any case, there are many diseases out there that you can have for years without knowing about it and by the time the doctor finds out, it is too late for successful treatment. You don’t want to suffer simply because you neglected to have a health check, no matter what your age.

Consider what diseases your parents may have had to see if you are at risk. Genetics plays a part in many diseases including cancer, diabetes, ulcers, polycystic kidney disease and many others.

The stress factor

Stress is a big factor in getting many diseases. Most women would say the biggest stress in life is raising children, even though we love them dearly. Whether you find it stressful or not, there are always many nights of lost sleep when you have children and this is stressful so is having food trodden into the carpet.

So the next time you  have a spare minute or two, get to the doctor for a check up and make it an annual event. It might be the only time you get to sit down.