Tips for Easy and Stress Free Travel

Whether you are flying or travelling by train or car, getting to that holiday destination can be a hassle. Easy Villas says that whether you are backpacking, staying in an AirBNB or staying in an upmarket villa organised by some one like Luxury Villas Bali, it takes a lot of organisation and packing to get everything together – then you tend to wonder at the last minute if you thought of everything. Here are some tips to make travel a lot less stressful.

  • Leave your house key with a trusted friend so if you forgot to turn the iron off they can easily fix it – or anything else you are worried about. Have them also pick up your mail so that passersby cannot tell the house is empty.
  • Have your travel documents with you at all times and keep them together in a special wallet. Make copies to leave with others in case you lose them.
  • Put all your travel and accommodation details into your phone for ease of access.
  • Book ahead and keep all the details handy. Write the dates on your calendar so you don’t get them wrong.
  • Lots of luggage can be a hassle, so pack less than you think you will need, especially if you are going to a hotter climate. You really don’t have to change twice a day.

  • Colour coordinating your wardrobe will help you to take fewer items.
  • Leave shampoo and conditioner at home; they can often leak. Use the ones provided at your accommodation or buy it once you arrive.
  • Keep makeup to a minimum. You are not going to a beauty contest.
  • Make sure you take lip gloss as air conditioners and a change of climate can make your lips really dry and cracked.
  • Choose comfortable shoes and wear them most of the time. Sore feet will ruin your trip.
  • Don’t dress up to travel, especially overseas. It only makes you a target for thieves.
  • Leave your expensive jewellery at home for the same reason.
  • Have all the vaccinations recommended so you don’t get sick.
  • If you leave your car parked at the airport, spend the extra to have it in a locked up area.
  • And don’t forget to turn all the lights off if you don’t want to come back to a dead battery.
  • Identify your luggage easily by adding a large, colourful sticker or patterned duct tape, or by tying a ribbon around the handle. This can save the stress of someone else mistaking your luggage for theirs, or vice versa.
  • Let your bank know where and when you’ll be overseas. Keep some kind of currency back-up for unexpected incidents. A pre-paid debit card is good.

Once you anticipate problems and use these tips to minimise them, your trip will be trouble-free and more enjoyable.