Reports and Data

Chutes and Ladders: The Search for Solid Ground for Women in the Workforce

Women Work!’s critical Census study has found that single mothers and displaced homemakers are not a disappearing phenomenon in the United States. In fact, these family groups are on the increase and likely to be vastly over-represented in the nation’s low-paying service jobs. Read more and download the full report…

State Displaced Homemaker Legislation Update

More than ever, state support for displaced homemakers is critical to the needs of this population and the programs that help them reach economic self-sufficiency. Women Work! monitors changes in the legislation and support for program servicing displaced homemakers and produces a legislative update. Read more and find links to state legislation…

WYI! Survey

A 2001 poll finds that nearly seven in ten Americans (69 percent) – and more than eight in ten women – say clothing, hair and makeup are very or extremely important for a woman on the job, and for her confidence. Large majorities say that a woman’s appearance affects whether she is taken seriously, asked to represent her company at outside meetings, and considered for raises and promotions. Read more…

Invisible Again

This national report details the impact Perkins funding cuts have had on vocational and education programs for women and girls. (Fall 2001) Download a PDF of the report

Fighting the Wage Gap

This fact sheet includes statistics and charts comparing age, gender, family type and other characteristics affecting wages. Read about Women Work!’s Equal Pay Initiative , including a series of articles that address ways individuals and organizations can fight The Wage Gap.