Why Personalised Pyjamas Make The Best Bridesmaid Gift

Why Personalised Pyjamas Make The Best Bridesmaid Gift

Bridesmaids have an integral role in your wedding planning. They take over the organisation of so many aspects that purchasing a gift for them like personalised pyjamas is the least you can do to thank them. Personalised pyjamas are the bridal version of personalised santa sacks for Christmas time.

However, just as you would put a lot of thought into planning your wedding, it pays to put almost as much into choosing the perfect gift. Personalised pyjamas undoubtedly tick that box, but why? Find out below.

Suitable For Pre-Wedding Events

For bridal party events, the hen’s party, and even getting ready on the big day, personalised pyjamas can be the garment of choice. They are versatile for those special girls’ nights at home with a glass of wine and are suitable for wearing before your bridesmaids change into their dresses before your ceremony.

Their versatility knows no bounds, and it also doesn’t hurt that they have been uniquely personalised to make each bridesmaid feel that little bit more special.


Your Essential Guide To Wedding Car Etiquette And Traditions

Your Essential Guide To Wedding Car Etiquette And Traditions

If there is one event in people’s lives that follows time-tested traditions more than others, it is their wedding. These apply to many aspects of weddings such as what should be worn, who gives the speeches, what the cake should look like, and there are even traditions and etiquette that relate to the wedding cars.

This applies not just to what sort of cars should be used, but to other matters such as the order of the cars arriving,  who travels with whom in each car. and how the wedding car should be decorated. Read on, and you will discover more about these, and other wedding car traditions and etiquette.

Car Types

In practical terms, you could arrive at your wedding not just in any car you want, but in any vehicle. That includes a horse-drawn cart, a taxi, or even a motorbike as some brides and grooms have done. However, for a traditional arrival at your wedding, whether you be the bride or the groom, it is usual to hire wedding cars with certain attributes such as being large, luxurious, stylish, and regarded as being lavish.


Growing Trend: Why Brides Are Buying Personalised Pyjamas

Growing Trend Why Brides Are Buying Personalised Pyjamas

Trends and fashions come and go. You can say the same about the wedding scene, too. A fashionable dress one year will be totally out of style the next.

But there’s one thing that has sparked curiosity in recent years and seems like it’s here to stay: personalised pyjamas. Why are brides buying them? Keep reading to know more.

They Make Pre-Wedding Events More Exciting

A common tradition before a bride-to-be says ‘I do’ is to have a girls’ night. This might involve manicures, pedicures, massages, general beauty treatments, and a few wines and cheese boards. In recent years, rather than wearing regular clothing, brides have been investing in personalised pyjamas so that everyone in her bridal party looks the same.

They make for some cute pre-wedding photos, and they are often flexible for beauty treatments when some other everyday garments may not be.

The Perfect Gift

The bridal party has a big job to do in the lead-up to the wedding – and even on the big day. Bridesmaids often take a lot of time out of their busy lives for the bride, not to mention spending a lot of money to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Many brides like to show their appreciation, and they do so with a gift. Something personal always goes down well, which is why personalised pyjamas often meet the mark. They are something you can have monogrammed with each bridesmaid’s initials or full name.

You can also put them in a gift box with other things like beauty products, wine, and chocolate. They truly are one of the most versatile gifts you can give to your bridal party.