Advocacy Toolkit

The Women Work! Advocacy Toolkit is designed to give you all the skills you need to be a successful advocate for women’s economic justice and equality.

The Advocacy Toolkit is benefit available only to Women Work! members. Each installment will be released first through the Economic Equity Insider and and will be available to download through the members only section of the web site.

  • Women Work! Advocacy Toolkit:Cover
  • Women Work! Advocacy Toolkit: Table of Contents
  • Women Work! Advocacy Toolkit: How to Use This Guide
  • Section #1: Hosting Elected Officials At Your Program
  • Section #2: Federal Legislative 101
  • Section #3: Meeting with Your Legislators
  • Section #4: Engaging Clients in Advocacy
  • Section #5: Creating an Advocacy Action Calendar
  • Section#6: Using Data/Telling Stories
  • Section #7: Budget and Appropriations 101
  • Section #8: Managing the Media
  • Section #9: Building Relationships With Your Legislator
  • Download the entire Tool Kit here

Advocacy Resources

You have the power to advance economic justice and equality for women. Here are resources to get started.

Quick Guide to Advocacy & Lobbying (PDF)

Congress 101 (PDF)

Key Contacts in Congress and the Administration

Policy Tracker
Learn more about critical legislation and issues that affect working women.

Equal Pay for Women!
Did you know that women still continue to earn approximately 77% of men’s salaries? Get information you need to promote equal pay at the local, state and federal levels!

Managing the Media Guide (PDF)

Action Works!

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