Family Counselling

When is Family Counselling Necessary?

These days there are many issues that can affect the family detrimentally, issues that our grandparents most likely never thought of, let alone had to cope with. Situations can get out of control and cause a wide and permanent rift in the family if not dealt with in a way that teaches each family member not only how to cope, but where other members may be coming from.

What are some of these issues?

  • Blended families trying to get used to each other’s personalities, or where one or more children resent the new ‘parent’. Counselling can help both children and parents to make the transition into new living arrangements easier to adjust to.
  • Drug addiction or other behaviours that are dangerous to family members. Counselling can help parents learn how to identify the problem and deal with it in the most appropriate way.
  • Divorce or separation can be totally stressful to the children, who grieve at the loss of a parent and the lifestyle they had. The parent who has custody may want to take the children for counselling if they show behavioural problems or seem depressed.
  • In cases of certain mental health problems, parent and children need to learn ways to control behaviour. This can stem from the child being mentally disabled or having a disease that affects them mentally, such as autism.
  • Poor parenting skills that makes children angry or feel neglected. Counselling can help parents improve their skills and help children control their anger or show it in less destructive ways.

There are many more reasons why family counselling may be needed. It is important not to leave it until things escalate out of control. Even if you think you are coping as a parent, it is wise to seek help from professionals to ensure you are doing everything possible to correct the situation and help other family members cope with it.

The trouble is, when disaster strikes it is usually an emotionally difficult time for the parents as well as the children. This can means that they miss the signs from their children that they are not coping, because they are too bound up in their own feelings. In cases such as this, family counselling is essential, otherwise both children and parents can take many years to recover.

Children especially, can be scarred for life so that everything they try to do or be as they grow up is coloured or influenced by the trauma they experienced.  But if taken to counselling – however unwilling they are to go – they stand a much better chance of living life as a normal, happy adult. So don’t wait and wonder, but go to counselling and get that problem seen to instead of sweeping it under the carpet.