What Happens After a Liposuction Procedure

What happens after a liposuction procedure depends to some extent on the type of anaesthetic given – local or general, or a combination of both – and how large an area you have had treated. Your doctor will discuss every aspect of your treatment and make sure you know what to expect. It is important to discuss any concerns you have with your doctor well before any treatment takes place.

Generally speaking, patients who undergo liposuction in Perth will be up and about within 24 hours, or as soon as the sedation wears off. Walking around is encouraged to help you get back to normal and to help the incisions drain completely. However, if you’ve had a large area done with a general anaesthetic you may not feel much like getting up for a little longer than that. Be guided by your doctor in this case.

What about after care?

Naturally enough, after care will be required. You will have incisions in your skin where the fat was sucked out, so these must be treated and allowed to heal. Usually, elastic bandages or a compression garment will need to be worn. This allows the incisions to drain without stitches, ensuring that pain-causing inflammation is reduced or avoided altogether.

Why drainage is necessary

The fluid that drains out will be blood-tinged. This is not a cause for worry. It is a natural thing to have fluid plus blood drain from these incisions. The fluid that drains comes from what was pumped into the fatty tissue to numb it before being removed. The small amount of blood is a natural effect of the surgical procedure. If it can drain out freely it will remove any leftover waste that should not be in the body and prevent infection, thus reducing pain.

If the procedure was done with only a general anaesthetic, there will be more pain and narcotic painkillers may be necessary for a few days until the pain subsides. Much depends on the size of the area treated. Patients who have the procedure done with a general anaesthetic will take longer to recover than those who had a tumescent procedure with just a local anaesthetic. The latter will be able to drive a car within 48 hours or less in some cases.

How soon before the bruising goes away?

Bruising and swelling are normal after affects of liposuction. While bruises can be gone within a few weeks, it sometimes takes longer for the swelling to go down. That said, swelling is often not very noticeable on the body area or even on the limbs. Sometimes only you will notice it.

It may be several months before your body returns to the point where you can really admire the full impact of the liposuction.