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Tools for the Informed Service Provider or Trainer

Get the tools to move women into IT!Getting IT Across! A Counselor’s Guide for Recruiting Women to Information Technology Careers (GITA) provides program operators with right tools and instruction to recruit women into IT training and employment. This easy-to-use resource turns counselors into IT career experts! Get the IT Basics every counselor needs to know:

  • IT Tips to enhance counseling skills;
  • IT Job Profiles to help clients make informed decisions;
  • IT Interest Assessment, a user-friendly tool for finding the right occupational niche;
  • and more IT resources!

Get the right skills, and get IT across!

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Jobs That Pay! A Guide to Nontraditional Occupations for the 21st Century. This guide will help education, training and workforce development program providers educate and motivate women to pursue a career in a broad range of high-wage fields. Jobs That Pay! will help you introduce nontraditional fields to your clients and encourage women to pursue a career with real growth opportunities. And, the job profiles section is a valuable resource to have on-hand for your program participants.
The guide includes:

  • 70 job profiles and descriptions of emerging nontraditional occupations;
  • Information on how to advocate and market nontraditional training to clients, as well as state and local decision-makers; and
  • An overview of federal funding opportunities and other resources for nontraditional training programs.

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Curricula and Resources for Building Stronger Programs

On the Rights Track
A Job-Readiness and Workplace Rights Curriculum

This easy-to-use curriculum provides a job-readiness approach to teaching communication, assertiveness, conflict resolution and decision-making skills — the “soft skills” experts say can improve a person’s ability to find and maintain a job.

On the Rights Track is broken into four, two-hour workshops with fact sheets, tip sheets, exercises and role-playing activities using work situations to reinforce both the job-readiness skills and workplace rights information being taught. Whether you use the curriculum in its entirety or incorporate separate elements into your current training, you are adding a valuable component to other job readiness training participants receive in your programs.

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Superstores, Schools and Sewers
A Job-Readiness Approach to Understanding
the Economy’s Affect on Self-Sufficiency

Superstores, Schools and Sewers can be used effectively in combination with job training and career education programs. This innovative curriculum is especially relevant to women entering the workforce or seeking to improve their earning power through training, education and skills development. Economic decisions made in your community have a direct impact on the availability and quality of jobs, the availability of education and training needed to get better-paying jobs, and the availability of basic needs such as housing, transportation and child care.

This hands-on curriculum empowers participants to take a stronger role in their own job development by showing the connection between their economic independence and changes in the local economy.At the same time, Superstores, Schools and Sewers, uses an accessible, no-nonsense approach to teaching basic analysis, goal-setting and effective meeting skills, which are also important employment skills.

The manual includes complete lecture notes and valuable teaching aids and exercises that allow this curriculum to be used in a number of ways and with a wide variety of audiences.

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RESOURCES: Expanding Your Expertise

Domestic Violence, Employment &
Domestic violence is one of the most serious barriers women face when trying to become economically self-sufficient. Don’t waste time wading through the mountains of information that has been written about domestic violence.This installment of Expanding Your Expertise is unique because it gives you the information you need — how to handle the issues of domestic violence victims who participate in your employment and training program.Price $14.95
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Substance Abuse, Job Training and Self-Sufficiency Substance abuse remains one of the primary reasons women drop out of education and training programs. Substance Abuse, Job Training and Self-Sufficiency, the second installment of Expanding Your Expertise, gives you solid tips and resources for helping your program staff become more adept at identifying substance abuse problems and handling them more effectively.

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Transitions & Triumphs Newsletter Transitions & Triumphs, the quarterly newsletter designed specifically for women in transition, is filled with practical, every day information. It features articles on money, career and health issues, as well as regular spotlights on emerging occupations. Every issue highlights an inspiring story of a woman who has beaten the odds and achieved economic self-sufficiency. Save now on low bulk prices!

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251-500 copies   22 cents each
501+ copies        20 cents each

Resource Tip Sheet Package Make sure your program participants have the information you know they need. Each in an easy-to-understand, handy format, the Women Work! Tip Sheet Package comes complete with valuable tip sheets that deal with issues your program participants face daily. Some of the issues covered include finding financial aid; conquering credit card debt; job interviewing; defending yourself against sexual harassment; assessing whether self-employment is for you; and more.

With your own camera-ready set, you’ll be able to use these tip sheets over and over! They make wonderful handouts for your workshops or to have available in common areas.

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Women Work! now offers a 15% savings on special packages of publications. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to build your resource library — at a price you can afford! And, Women Work! members receive an additional 20% off this price for a total savings of 35%. Order today and save!


Curricula Package These fully integrated, step-by-step curricula give you everything you need to enhance your job-readiness program. With exercises and workplace situational role-plays that reflect the world you know, these curricula make it all easy and fun! Buy them as a package and save up to $80! And, as an added bonus, when you order the curriculum package, we will send you a Set of our Work Your Image! guides – one Leader’s Guide, 20 Participant’s Guides and 40 Personal Worksheets.

You get:

  • On the Rights Track: An Empowerment and Workforce Rights Curriculum
  • Superstores, Schools and Sewers: A Curriculum for Understanding How Your Local Economy Works
  • BONUS with package: Work Your Image! Creating a Professional Appearance to Get and Keep a Job

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Expanding Your Expertise: Tools for Building Your Program

You get:

  • Domestic Violence, Employment and Self-Sufficiency
  • Substance Abuse, Job Training and Self-Sufficiency
  • Women Work! Resource Tip Sheet Package
  • BONUS with package: Expanding Your Expertise storage holder to protect your installments

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