Teaching Tools & Curricula

Women Work!’s teaching tools and curricula are available FREE to organizational members. Resources listed in this section can be downloaded from the Members Only section of this website. Select resources are also available in hard copy or on CD. To order resources complete the order form and mail or fax it to Women Work!. A processing fee of $5 will be charged for each CD ordered.

Work Your Image!

Leader’s Guide – Item # 11

Participant’s Guide – Item # 12

Personal Worksheet – Item # 13

Personal Tip Sheet (English) – Item # 14

Personal Tip Sheet (Spanish) – Item # 15

Family Guide Tip Sheet – Item # 16

Creating a Professional Image to Get and Keep a Job®

This curriculum provides basic information about creating a positive first impression for women entering or re-entering the workforce. The curriculum includes a Leader’s guide, a Participant’s guide and a Personal Worksheet. Supplemental materials include a Personal Tip Sheet on presenting a professional appearance and a Family Tip Sheet to help parents talk with their kids about presenting a professional appearance at work.

Making Money Work! – Item # 22

This financial education curriculum helps participants achieve financial stability and effectively manage a limited income. The curriculum introduces basic financial concepts such as goal setting, determining needs versus wants, developing a spending plan, managing a checking account, and the wise use of credit. The Making Money Work! Facilitator’s Guide is ONLY available on the Women Work! web site. The Participant’s Guide is ONLY available in hard copy.

Getting IT Across! – Item # 23

A Counselor’s Guide for Recruiting Women to Information Technology Careers

This guide provides program operators with tools and instruction to recruit women into IT

training and employment. This easy-to-use resource turns counselors into IT career experts! Get the IT basics every counselor needs to know.

Jobs That Pay! Item #24

A Guide to Nontraditional Occupations for the 21st Century

This guide will help educators, trainers and workforce development professionals educate and motivate women to pursue a career in a broad range of high-wage fields. Jobs That Pay! will help you introduce nontraditional fields to your clients and encourage women to pursue a career withreal growth opportunities.

Superstores, Schools & Sewers: A Job-Readiness Approach to Understanding the Economy’s Affect on Self-Sufficiency -Item #25

This curriculum uses an accessible, no nonsense approach to teaching basic analysis, goal-setting, effective meeting skills and other important employment skills. Superstores also encourages participants to take an active role in their own economic advancement by understanding how changes in the local economy affect their ability to achieve economic independence. The manual includes complete lecture notes, valuable teaching aids and exercises that allow materials to be used in a number of ways, with a wide variety of audiences.

On the Rights Track: -Item #26

A Job-Readiness and Workplace Rights Curriculum

This easy-to-use curriculum provides a job readiness approach to teaching “soft skills” including communication, assertiveness, conflict resolution and decision-making. On the Rights Track is broken into four, two-hour workshops with fact sheets, tip sheets, exercises and role-playing activities. The curriculum can either be used in its entirety or individual sections can be used to supplement other job-readiness curricula.

Expanding Your Expertise: Domestic Violence, Employment & Self-Sufficiency -Item # 27

Domestic violence is a critical barrier many women face when trying to become economically self-sufficient. This simple, informational guide gives the tools to respond to the needs of domestic violence survivors who participate in your employment and training programs.

Expanding Your Expertise: Substance Abuse, Job Training and Self-Sufficiency -Item #28

Substance abuse impacts women’s abilities to complete education and training programs. This guide provides solid tips and resources for helping program staff identify substance abuse problems and address them effectively.