Your Essential Guide To Wedding Car Etiquette And Traditions

Your Essential Guide To Wedding Car Etiquette And Traditions

If there is one event in people’s lives that follows time-tested traditions more than others, it is their wedding. These apply to many aspects of weddings such as what should be worn, who gives the speeches, what the cake should look like, and there are even traditions and etiquette that relate to the wedding cars.

This applies not just to what sort of cars should be used, but to other matters such as the order of the cars arriving,  who travels with whom in each car. and how the wedding car should be decorated. Read on, and you will discover more about these, and other wedding car traditions and etiquette.

Car Types

In practical terms, you could arrive at your wedding not just in any car you want, but in any vehicle. That includes a horse-drawn cart, a taxi, or even a motorbike as some brides and grooms have done. However, for a traditional arrival at your wedding, whether you be the bride or the groom, it is usual to hire wedding cars with certain attributes such as being large, luxurious, stylish, and regarded as being lavish.