Step By Step Guide To Choosing The Best Kitchen Renovation Company For Your Kitchen's Remodelling

Step By Step Guide To Choosing The Best Kitchen Renovation Company For Your Kitchen’s Remodelling

A new kitchen design can be one of the most significant jobs that any homeowner undertakes upon their property. When we say “undertakes” we do not mean that they are the ones who will be designing and installing their kitchen, although there are some talented and skilled people who can. Rather, it is an undertaking in the sense that they will decide that they want it done, and subsequently, they hire a kitchen renovation company to do the work.

That work can be considerable given that the kitchen needs to be designed and planned, materials selected and purchased, and then there is the work of installing the new kitchen with all the necessary carpentry, plumbing, electrics and decorating that may need doing. Needless to say, we are not talking about just any undertaking, we are talking about a significant undertaking when a kitchen is renovated.

However, before any of it can take place, a homeowner must first select a kitchen renovation company, which is not an insignificant task either. Given the potential cost and the implications for a person’s home resulting from a kitchen renovation, it should be apparent that choosing the right kitchen renovation company is essential. As such, we have created a simple step-by-step guide on how you can choose wisely if your kitchen needs renovation.

Decide What Sort Of Kitchen You Want First: Start the process by deciding in your mind what sort of kitchen you would like. Is it traditional? Modern? An island kitchen? By deciding,  you can start looking for kitchen renovation companies that design and create kitchens of that type.

Ask For Recommendations And Referrals: Ask friends, family, work colleagues, in fact, anyone you know if they have used or if they know of a kitchen renovation company that they are happy to recommend to you. Better still, ask to visit and see their kitchen first hand.

Do Your Research: This can be done in many ways, but the quickest is going online. You can check industry websites, company websites, and review websites that will all give you information, feedback, photos, and customer experiences for some of the local kitchen renovation companies that you might use.

Look For Accreditation And Industry Licences: Although this will be done as part of your research, we have listed it separately as this is such an important part of your fact-finding. Here you want to rule out any company that has little to no accreditation or industry licences.

Reach Out To Those Who Have Thus Far Made The Grade

Now, contact the kitchen renovation companies that are still on the list, and speak to them about your requirements for your new kitchen. Much can be learned from these conversations including getting a feel for their professionalism and customer service.

Request A Closer Look At Their Previous Work

For those kitchen renovation companies you feel you would be happy to work with, you should next ask if it is possible to see their past work. This may entail you visiting the homes of previous customers who are willing to let people see their kitchens and share their positive experiences.

Create A Shortlist And Ask For A Written Quotation

Time to pare down the possibilities further and create a shortlist of three or four kitchen renovation companies. Send each of them a request for a written quotation which includes all fees, costs, and guarantees of no unquoted extras being added. Bear in mind, that you are not looking for the cheapest quote, but the one which you feel offers the best value.

Make Your Final Choice And Sign A Written Contract

Once you choose who you are going to employ to design and create your new kitchen, you should now proceed by agreeing to a written contract between both parties that includes payment details, completion schedule,  and warranties.