Resources for Individuals and Women in Transition

Work, Money & Life Tip Sheets:
Practical information to help you in all areas – financial aid, credit card debt, child support, starting a business, plus much more! Recently updated and expanded. To access them for free, click here.

2005 Tax Credits for Individuals and Parents:
Learn how you can get money back at tax time — even if you didn’t owe any taxes!
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Work Your Image!:
Advice for competing in today’s job market! Download a free copy of the Work Your Image! Tip Sheet and the new Family Guide Tip Sheet, “How to Talk with Your Kids About the Importance of Appearance on the Job”. This new resource provides valuable suggestions for talking with young people who are entering the workforce for after-school jobs, internships, summer jobs or full-time employment.

Mother’s Management and “Real Life” Skills
In her new book, If You’ve Raised Kids, You Can Manage Anything, award-winning journalist and author Ann Crittenden dispels the myth once and for all that parenting is not “real work.” Instead, she argues that the skills practiced by conscientious parents are not only transferable to the workplace, but enable them to become better managers and leaders of adults. Read more in a short question and answer session that highlights some key points from her book. Also, read some of her suggestions for creating a transferable skills resume and identifying Mother’s Management Tips.

Career Ladder
Career advice and resources to help you with your professional development.
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Health Watch
From coping with the stress of motherhood to the dealing with issues of domestic violence, here you’ll find valuable advice and resources.
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The Difference a Vote Makes:
Register to vote and make your voice count!