Keeping Fit

How Keeping Fit Makes You Healthier

Keeping fit is an important part of your overall health and the only way to do this is to have a reasonable amount of exercise.  When you move around it not only tones your muscles and ligaments to prevent them from becoming weak and unable to support your body properly, it also removes toxins and waste through perspiration. Plus, it increases the amount of ‘feel good’ endorphin’s in your brain so it is good for your mental/emotional health as well.

While it is difficult to fit in an exercise regime when you lead a busy life, in many cases very little exercise is needed, depending on the lifestyle you lead. If you play a sport, go hiking or dancing or even take your toddlers to the park on a regular basis, that all counts as exercise. If you have a job such as house or window cleaning that has you moving around, that too, is exercise.

According to many experts, walking is the best exercise because it makes every part of your body move and it does not jar your joints and wear them out. Brisk walking elevates your heart rate and so is  a gentle cardio workout. It is easy to do and you don’t need to pay a fortune for a gym membership or a professional trainer.

If you have a sedentary job where you sit for hours at a time it is a good idea to try and get some extra walking in. Consider using the stairs rather than taking the elevator. Don’t park so close to your destination, but leave a block or so to walk. Yes, it will take extra time; that is the price you must pay to be healthy. But it’s worth it, as any person who is ill will tell you.

Walking is really good for those with the stiff, sore joints of arthritis, which can attack young people as well as the older age group. It increases the circulation and brings blood to those areas where circulation is often a problem. Blood has a whole host of nutrients in it that help to keep your joints mobile and in good repair. You’ll notice the difference in the pain and stiffness as your body and joints warm up when you walk. Those first few steps may be difficult, but it gets a lot easier as you go.

Gentle exercise regimes such as Yoga and Pilates may also be good for those just starting out on the fitness cycle. These are things that once learned, can be done at home in that odd half hour you have to spare.  Rather than sitting down and watching television in that time, sit on the floor and do those exercises. Your body will soon thank you for it.