How It Benefits Dogs To Start Grooming Them When They Are A Puppy

When you have a puppy you might think that the main things they need are cuddles, toys, puppy school, food, and water, but not dog grooming. However, it will be in the best interests of both that cute little puppy and you, if you introduce them to dog grooming in their formative months.

The question often gets asked by puppy owners, “When should I start grooming them?” and the simple answer is as soon as possible. Just as it is never too early to start teaching your puppy how to behave, and that it should do its business outside, not indoors, it is also never too early to start caring for its coat. So let us take a closer look at why grooming your puppy as soon as possible benefits them.

They Get Used To Close Contact With Important ‘Strangers’

Throughout its early life, your puppy is going to have to meet and be close up to so-called strangers i.e. people it has never met before. This includes their vet, veterinary nurses, and the dog groomer to name but three. The sooner they experience this and understand these people mean them no harm, the sooner visits to these places will seem routine to them.

It Helps Them To Accept Being Touched Frequently

Unfortunately, there are dogs that flinch, run away, and even snap at people when they are touched. You can avoid any of these behavioural problems by getting your puppy used to being touched by grooming them yourself or by taking them for their first grooming appointment at the dog groomer’s salon early on.

It Introduces Them To Strange Sounds And Learns Not To Fear Them

Loud and strange noises can scare a puppy and even adult dogs can have similar fears. You can desensitise your puppy to many of these sounds by taking them to a grooming salon where doubtless there will be lots of unusual noises such as nail trimming wheels spinning quickly and water spurting from showerheads.

It Allows Them To Experience Baths From An Early Age

One of the problems created if a dog has not experienced a bath when it was young is it fears them, and bath time subsequently becomes a battle of wills between them and their owner. Avoid this drama by introducing your puppy to water and baths in particular as soon as possible. Make it fun, praise them often and offer them treats when they cooperate with you.

It Allows For Early Detection Of Skin Or Fur Problems

Taking your puppy to dog grooming early on is an ideal opportunity for your dog groomer to thoroughly examine their skin, coat, nails, ears, and paws. In doing so, they will be able to assess the health of all of them, and if a problem exists it can be dealt with immediately. Examples of such issues include your puppy having fleas, dry skin, dander, and skin infections.

Proper Nail Trimming Will Help Their Posture

When a dog’s nails are too long it can make standing and walking awkward, and can be painful for them. Just as we would walk or stand differently if had sore feet so do dogs. Having your puppy’s nails checked and trimmed if necessary, can ensure their posture is not adversely affected during their formative years as otherwise, it can lead to a lifetime of poor posture and other health issues as a result.

They Will look Even Cuter Than They Do Now

Ok, being dog lovers, we could not resist throwing in this last one even though it is really a benefit to you and anyone who sees your adorable puppy. Having their coat professionally groomed, even when they are very young, will mean that not only is your puppy’s skin and coat going to be healthier, but they will look even cuter than did before.