S4 Drug

Are S4 Drug Alternatives any Better than Botox?

Dysport and Xeomin are the only S4 drug alternatives to Botox at the moment. Both use the same product as a Botox procedure, botulinum type A; are considered safe by experts and work in the same way. However, there is one difference that stands out in Xeomin and that is you don’t have to keep it refrigerated. This has to be a good thing, especially if your area suffers a lot of blackouts.

If your clinic refrigerator breaks down or the power goes off and you’ve just received a big order of Botox or Dysport it will all go bad and have to be thrown out. This will be a very costly problem. But if you had gone over to the competition and ordered Xeomin, it wouldn’t worry you to lose power – at least, not for that reason.

In fact, the fact that Xeomin does not need refrigeration is good news for the general public as well. It would save them from the less reputable clinics that might be likely to still use the Botox on hand even though it has been out of refrigeration for some hours – or days. The thought of being injected with a poisonous substance that has gone bad is enough to make anyone shudder.

That is why if you are seeking Botox injections for your wrinkles it is important to only go to a reputable doctor and clinic. The wrinkle relaxers are not always as safe as we believe, with many people having suffered severe side-effects that are ongoing. This is especially so in people who are given Botox to treat cerebral palsy and other health problems or diseases, who have to have a much larger dose than is required for wrinkle treatment.

Remember that even though it is supposed to be safe it is an S4 drug, which is considered poisonous. When you are sick and have a poisonous substance injected into your body the side effects can be disastrous. That is not to say that many people haven’t been helped considerably, since Botox reduces muscle spasms, which accompany many illnesses.

It just seems a pity that someone can’t invent a drug that is not made from a poisonous substance that would do the same job as Botox does – relax muscles. Lovers of Botox claim that they have had many years of treatment with no ill effects and this may be true. After all, they would know. The trouble arises when no one will pay attention to those who have suffered bad side effects, not even Allergen, the company that makes Botox.

It is important to read all the warnings on their website and realise that the drug has not been approved for children or for those over 65. Yet it is often used for these age groups.