7 Popular Western Boots Styles And What They Are Most Suitable For

7 Popular Western Boots Styles And What They Are Most Suitable For

Whenever the term “western boots” is mentioned, most people automatically think about the classic style of traditional cowboy boots. Whilst it is the case that they are indeed part of the western boots family, it is also impotent to point out that they are not the only ones. There are numerous types of boots that come under the umbrella of western boots, and they differ greatly in style, design, and for what purposes they are worn.

As such, it is also the case that the different types of western boots are suited to different uses and so it is reasonable to expect to find some people confused as to what is the most appropriate type of western boots that they should buy for themselves, or someone else as a gift. To try to end that confusion we are highlighting seven of the most popular western boots types along with a brief explanation of each.

Type #1: Classic Cowboy Boots

Prime amongst all western boots, classic cowboy boots are instantly recognisable by all. Used for several purposes, they have a shaft that is usually 12 inches high, one to two-inch heels, and a toe that is either rounded or pointed. You can choose from Womens western boots or Mens western boots, but that being said, you are open to wear whichever style of boots you please, regardless of which gender categeory they fall into. Traditional cowboy boots can also come in a variety of leather colours and decorative designs.

Type #2: Roper Boots

Roper boots, or ropers as they are sometimes called, were designed to help working cowboys when they were roping cattle on ranches. They differ from traditional boots in that the shaft is shorter, and the heel is lower which makes it easier to walk in them.

Type #3: Work Boots

It could be argued any boots can be worn when working, which is true to a point, however, western work boots are the most effective when traction and comfort are required in a workplace or construction site. Work boots usually have cushioned insoles, low heels, treaded rubber soles, and wider, rounded toes.

Type #4: Riding Boots

When riding in the saddle you need comfortable boots and that is exactly what riding boots are. The toes are round or square for added comfort, they have cushioned insoles, and a long heel to keep them in the stirrup, preventing them from sliding forward which can cause your foot to be caught should you fall.

Type #5: Ankle/Short Boots

As the name suggests, these are western boots that do not have a long shaft. Worn primary for everyday use or on days and nights out, they are especially popular in hot weather as the low length means your lower leg has air circulating around it.

Type #6: Dress Boots

We go further into the realms of western boots being a fashion item, and dress boots are what are worn for this purpose. They tend to have intricate stitching, come in several colours and each will have a distinctive design imprinted on the leather making your boots stand out at any function, including country dances.

Type #7: Exotic Boots

Here, we go to the very extreme of fashion and style with western boots that almost have a personality of their own. They can certainly match the personality of the wearer with a multitude of different designs, styles, leathers, patterns, and colours with other variations including the heel and toe types.