Steps From Separation To Trial

Separation To Trial

When there is trouble in a relationship a separation may help both people to sort out their problems and decide whether to get a divorce or to try again. Some people may consider that a separation is simply an essential step to go through so you can apply for a divorce. A family lawyer can help you get through this time with advice on what to do. Others feel that by separating for a few months, their differences could be worked out.

If this is so for you and your spouse, it is wise to put a time limit on the separation, otherwise it is likely to drag on and your lives will become separated to the extent they cannot be put back together. There are several other things to work out for this kind of separation.

  • Who will leave the family home
  • With whom will the children stay
  • Who will pay major bills such as the mortgage
  • Whether you will see each other during the separation and if so, for how long
  • Whether the children will see their other parent during the separation
  • If you will both attend counselling.