10 Questions You Should Ask A Landscape Designer Before Hiring Them

10 Questions You Should Ask A Landscape Designer Before Hiring Them

If you are planning an overhaul of your garden and plan to hire a landscape designer or architect, you will presumably want to be certain that they are capable of completing the project. Where many people struggle at this point is because hiring landscaping professionals is not an everyday occurrence, they are unsure how to go about vetting potential candidates.

There are several ways this can be done but the simplest, and in many cases, the most effective is to ask those you are considering a series of questions. From their answers, you should be able to assess their suitability and possibly even get a feel for which one you think is going to be most suited to the landscaping design you want. Here are 10 questions that you can use for this purpose. Note that some questions will follow on from answers to previous ones.

Question #1: What Services Do You Provide?

You first want to know that any landscape designer you employ offers the range of services you need. Specifics can include designing, architecture, planning, materials sourcing, building the design and project oversight. In most cases, it is better to deal with one landscaping company than several.

Question #2: Do You Offer A Consultation Before Confirmation Of Hiring You?

Before you commit, some landscape design companies will allow for a paid consultation so that you get the chance to hear their ideas and get a feel as to whether they are right. The fee you pay is worth it if it means you choose the right one.

Question #3: Can I See Any Of Your Previous Projects?

The only reason the answer to this should ever be ‘No’ is client confidentiality, and even then they should have images. If they say, “Yes”, it allows you to see and assess their previous work – many landscape architects will have their best work on show on their website.