What To Do About Criminal Injuries Compensation

Criminal Injuries Compensation

You will know the terror involved if you have ever been physically injured through criminal activities. It changes your life in many cases, and you can become too stressed to work or even go outside the house alone. If this has happened to you, talk to a good criminal lawyer such as PCLB Criminal Lawyers to seek compensation. It can be some comfort to receive compensation for your suffering, including a changed lifestyle.

Most people are familiar with getting compensation from insurance, so it can be pretty amazing to know that the government has set aside a fund that pays dividends to victims of crime who have been injured. In Western Australia, this amount was increased to $75,000 in 2004, with the amount paid depending on the injuries sustained.

According to Criminal Lawyers Perth, it is paid out for –

  • Having suffered pain and mental or emotional anxiety
  • If you have lost your enjoyment of life
  • Medical expenses
  • Income loss
  • Travel expenses for medical treatment
  • Loss of clothing
  • Pregnancy expenses in the case of rape